Living Your Best Life

Spend time with us here, and wash away the stress of being a First Responder

Our Reason

"We know that what we are all doing is difficult and frightening..we are doing the best we can in this ever changing world, fighting some unseen enemy. We Get It!  These are unknown waters, our strength is in our own resolve that comes from our own ability to find the clarity to see who we are working and fighting for, and to what end.  It is then and only then, that we can dig deeper with commitment, courage, grit and grace, to find the understanding that; we are making a difference in the positive outcomes, in the only part of the world that we can control; our own minds."  We Get It! We Believe in You!

Ed and Joanne Rupert

First Responder Trauma Counselors

In an effort to assist all of our "Tip of the Spear Front Line", Sisters and Brothers ; who are all doing selfless work, taking care of those who cannot help themselves or keeping our society in some semblance of order;  WE SALUTE YOU and THANK YOU!  

You may be;  working untenable shifts ,  unable to go home, grieving  or just EMOTIONALLY DONE; and require a short escape this site is here for you 24/7 365.  

Whether it is FUN toe-tapping videos and music,  comedians, relaxing videos with or without music, planning your next vacation or experience, taking a favorite theme park ride or just a space for Spiritual Healing.  Give it a try and if you find you have a suggestion or would like to see some additional content, shoot us a message on the page and our 911LightenUP staff will make every attempt to accommodate your suggestions.

Be safe, be healthy and know WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!

Remember, we've GOT YOUR BACK 24/7 365!

Our Mission

Being a First Responder can sometimes suck, We Get It!.  That's why First Responder Trauma Counselors has  created this space for you take a quick break; to recharge, re energize, create some endorphins, and ultimately well being.  Our goal is to make you feel lighter as quickly as possible, to get you back in the service of the citizens we all serve!

Practitioners Who Care

Not only do we care, but We Get It!  We have all of us been there, and done what you are doing.  We know how much you need time to understand why we do what we do. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and support your best possible life.   

The Website Experience

Stay and look around the site, find something that works for you,  to laugh, sing along, tap your feet, dance, or to experience something that makes you exhilarated or just happy. Just take a mental holiday or plan a holiday! We want to remember who you are, the things you like and the places you'll go, all while you #staygroundedmyfriends